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Solar Panel Battery Storage

Batteries allow you to use the solar power that is generated during the day at night. It also helps make the most of the energy you generate. Find out how much solar storage batteries cost, what size you need and whether you should get one for your home. 

One of the benefits which we commonly hear from our clients is that during night time, when your solar system is not generating power, you can use solar battery power to run your home, and in the event of a power outage, some batteries can provide you with a back-up power option.

Other Benefits

  • Helps you use more of the electricity you generate.
  • Some energy tariffs pay you for allowing your battery to be used to store excess grid electricity.
  • Could enable you to take advantage of cheap-rate electricity.
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  • Store Your Excess Power For Yourself
  • Huge Saving From The Rising Cost Of Power
  • Taking Control of Your Energy Usage
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Battery Brands We Use

Supply Solar offers a range of batteries of different sizes and brands to accommodate all household needs.

Cycle Life


Product Warranty

Sungrows battery warranty is 70% at the end of 10 years or 4000 cycles, whichever comes first.


SBR096 SBR128 SBR160 SBR192 SBR224 SBR256

Battery Nominal Capacity

9.6kWh 12.8kWh 16.0kWh

19.2kWh 22.4kWh 25.6kWh

Cycle Life


Product Warranty

5 Years Product Warranty, 10 Years Battery Performance Warranty

Storing renewable energy with AlphaESS – it’s a no-brainer.


Covers 3 ~ 20 kW

Cycle Life

Cycle life (90% DOD).

6000 cycles

Product Warranty

12 years


T-BAT H 10.0 

T-BAT H 15.0 

T-BAT H 20.0

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Brands We Use

We use only the premium and trusted solar brands of Australia for all our solar installations.

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