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Terms & Conditions:

Certainly, here is the provided text organized and arranged for easier readability:

1. Buyer: The customer (or any other person acting on behalf of and with the authority of the buyer).
2. Seller: Supply Solar PTY. LTD trading as Supply Solar and any of its related entities.
3. Authorised Person: Any representative, associate, officer, employee, agent, or subcontractor of Supply Solar.
4. Goods: Any or all of the products supplied by Supply Solar.
5. Services: Any or all of the installation services provided by Supply Solar.
6. Price: The price payable for the goods and/or services as set out in the quote/contract.
The Buyer declares that:
1. The Buyer is over the age of 18.
2. The Buyer is either the sole or one of the registered owners of the property on which installation is to be done under this contract.
3. The Buyer has never received or been approved for any solar grant/rebate for a small generation solar PV system at the installation address mentioned in this contract.
– If the buyer accepts the quote and signs the contract, it becomes a legally binding agreement between the buyer and seller.
– If the buyer doesn’t accept the quote within 10 business days from the issuance of the quote, this quote will stand null and void and non-binding on both parties.
– Under Australian Consumer Law and relevant State Buildings Act, the buyer has a right to cancel the agreement within 10 business days from the day the buyer signs the agreement.
– The buyer may cancel the agreement without penalty as long as the cancellation is within the cooling-off period. Penalty can be avoided by the buyer outside of the cooling-off period as long as the cancellation request is provided in writing and communicated to the seller no later than 7 days before the installation day confirmed by the buyer.
– The buyer acknowledges that electricity meter changeovers and switchboard upgrades associated with the goods and services may be charged separately unless specifically included in this Agreement.
– An electrical inspection related to the installation may be required.
– The Buyer’s obligation to make payment is not affected by any delay by a third party in performing any electricity meter changeovers, switchboard upgrades, or electrical inspections.
– The price is as indicated on invoices or the Seller’s quoted price if accepted within 10 business days.
– GST and other applicable taxes and duties shall be added to the price, except when expressly included.
– The Seller will draw attention to specific contract requirements that might result in disputes.
– The Seller is not liable for additional charges to make the Buyer’s premises safe for installation.
– Payment is due in full on or before the installation day via Bank Transfers, EFT, Cheque, or Credit Card (Master Card / VISA).
– Debt recovery costs will be passed on to the Buyer.
– The Buyer agrees to assign the STCs to The Seller as part of the system payment.
– In case of STCs eligibility issues, the Buyer may be liable to pay the STCs value to The Seller.
– The ownership of Goods passes to the Buyer upon receiving complete payment.
– Failure to pay the full amount may result in legal action and void warranties.
If you believe any personal information we hold about you is incorrect or outdated or if you have concerns about how we handle your personal information, please contact us, and we will work to address your concerns.
– The Buyer must ensure proper and safe access to the property for installation.
– All necessary approvals and permits must be obtained.
– If renting, written permission from the property owner is required.
– The Buyer must be present during installation.
– Any cost variations must be agreed upon in writing.
– Any variations to the system design must be documented and signed off by the Buyer before installation.
– The price in the quote includes standard installation conditions and may include additional costs for items outside the standard if evident during a site assessment.
– The Seller will provide the specified system and arrange for installation.
– All work complies with the New Energy Tech Consumer Code.
– The Seller is not liable for Feed-in-Tariff.
– The Seller is not responsible for damage or loss not due to installer negligence.
– The Seller takes care during installation but may replace cracked or broken roof tiles.
– Additional meter upgrade costs are the Buyer’s responsibility.
– Goods and services are subject to warranties specified in provided documentation.
– Australian Consumer Law guarantees apply.
– Manufacturer warranties may apply.
– Defect notifications must be made in writing within the warranty period.
– Onsite warranties apply to services.
– Warranty claims must be made promptly.
– Warranties are non-transferable unless stated otherwise.
– Installation will be done in a timely manner.
– Delays due to factors outside the Seller’s control are not grounds for cancellation.
– Personal information is shared as necessary for efficient functioning.
– Information may be shared with contractors, employees, installers, and relevant bodies.
– Personal information will not be sold to third parties.
– A 10-working-day cooling-off period is provided from the date of signing the agreement.
– Finance/payment plans are arranged with external providers, and terms are agreed upon between the provider and the buyer.
– Payment denial by external providers may lead to direct payment claims by the Seller.
– The Seller may terminate for breach or factors beyond its control.
– The Buyer may receive a refund if estimated installation timeframes are not met for reasons within the Seller’s control.
– Site-specific performance estimate documentation may lead to a refund if provided after the cooling-off period.
– Termination can occur if significant variations arise after the contract’s signing.
– Site inspection and assessment take 1 to 2 days.

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